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Secondary Transfers

Secondary Transfers


General Partners have become increasingly involved with transfers of Limited Partner stakes in existing funds. In situations where General Partners are managing this process internally or seeking to offer quarterly liquidity, an independent view on value may be required to ensure transactions occur at the right price, streamline the transfer process, and meet fiduciary requirements.


Secondary Valuation takes a sophisticated bottom-up approach to valuing Fund interests to provide you with the analysis you need to successfully effect a transfer.

LP Analyst’s founders have valued over 1,500 unique fund and direct investments supporting more than $15B in transaction volume.


  • Company Projections
  • Unfunded Projection
  • Waterfall Calculation
  • Underwriting Rates
  • Sensitivity Ranges
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Future Financing
  • Ownership Structure
  • Underwriting Rates
  • Sensitivity Ranges
  • Comps Analysis


  • Support decisions with independent analysis
  • Determine values with bottom-up approach
  • Review forecasts, forward return calculations
  • Streamline negotiating, structuring process
  • Preserve value by transferring at the right price
  • Meet fiduciary, regulatory, or other requirements
  • Realize cost savings and avoid transaction fees

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