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GP Analyser™

GP Analyser™


Limited Partners are increasingly seeking more independent, data-driven analysis to better assess critical aspects of manager track records, compare across opportunities, and streamline the diligence process.


GP Analyser™ + Performance Pack™ is a full service solution featuring over 100 distinct quantitative analyses and qualitative assessments helping you to fully understand a given manager’s past performance and probability of future success prior to making a decision to invest.


  • Benchmarking
  • Manager Alpha
  • Value Creation
  • Risk and Exposure
  • ‘Slice and Dice’
  • Valuation Reviews
  • Team Attribution
  • Full Terms Review


  • Ideal solution for re-ups and new commitments
  • Support decision making with unbiased analysis
  • Complete in-depth reviews of total track record
  • Compare opportunity strengths & weaknesses
  • Gain an advantage in manager discussions
  • Streamline internal due diligence process
  • Realize cost savings relative to consultants

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