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Operations Pack™

Operations Pack™


Limited Partners are increasingly seeking more in-depth manager operational reviews prior to committing in order to better understand firm activities, evaluate internal processes and manage risk.


Operations Pack™ is a full service solution which includes an onsite visit and detailed assessments across multiple risk areas helping to provide insight into a manager’s operations and flag potential issues prior to making your decision to invest.


  • Financial
  • Verification
  • Team
  • Alignment
  • Governance
  • Deal Process
  • Controls
  • Compliance
  • Providers
  • Transparency
  • Terms


  • Ideal solution for re-ups and new commitments
  • Support decision with in-depth review
  • Confirm firm details and team alignment
  • Verify existing internal and deal processes
  • Flag key gaps and areas for improvement
  • Complete detailed review of proposed terms
  • Streamline internal due diligence process
  • Realize cost savings relative to consultants

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