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Reference Pack™

Reference Pack™


Limited Partners are increasingly seeking more independent, in-depth reviews of investment team members to better assess a team’s future prospects, identify inconsistencies, and streamline the diligence process.


Reference Pack™ is a full service reference call solution featuring detailed summaries of on- and off-reference list calls and team interviews to help you better understand team dynamics, capabilities, and potential areas of concern prior to making a decision to invest.


  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Backgrounds
  • Experience
  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Networks
  • Vision


  • Confirm initial findings with independent calls
  • Review team strengths and weaknesses
  • Verify team member backgrounds & experience
  • Identify inconsistencies among team members
  • Receive detailed transcripts and call summaries
  • Streamline internal due diligence process
  • Realize cost savings relative to consultants

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