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LP Analyser

LP Analyser


Limited Partners are increasingly seeking more comprehensive, data-driven private asset analytics than ever before to better assess performance, measure risk, analyse exposures, perform attribution and forecast future developments.


The LP Analyser Data Collection, Reporting and Analytics platform is the private asset industry’s leading solution for teams seeking a better understanding of critical program aspects supporting active management.

LP Analyst’s Data Collection solution can also be purchased as a standalone solution for teams seeking to leverage internally developed systems.

Additional complementary solutions include Program Forecasting, Fee and Expense Verification and ESG Tracking for teams seeking additional support in these areas.



  • Benchmarking
  • Manager Alpha
  • Diversification
  • Risk
  • Trends & Drift
  • Company Health
  • Top Holdings
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Segmentation
  • Watch Lists
  • Policy Compliance


  • Stay on top of key portfolio developments
  • Better understand performance and risk
  • Identify trends and forecast developments
  • More actively manage and segment portfolios
  • Tailor reporting solutions for multiple end-users
  • Leverage in-house and supplemental data
  • Realize cost savings & keep expertise in-house

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