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Management Company Valuation

Management Company Valuation


General Partners will often require valuation to support a full or partial transfer of the management company and its related components between existing partners and other outside stakeholders.


Management Company Valuation takes a sophisticated bottom-up approach to valuing the management company and related firm economics to provide you with the independent analysis you need to successfully negotiate, structure, and effect a transfer.

LP Analyst’s founders have valued several prominent management companies and over 1,500 unique fund and direct investments supporting more than $15B in transaction volume.


Management Company
  • Fund Projections
  • Performance Fees
  • Other Fees
  • Firm Expenses
  • Future Fundraises
  • Underwriting Rates
  • Sensitivity Ranges
  • Market Analysis
  • Company Projections
  • Unfunded Projection
  • Waterfall Calculation
  • Underwriting Rates
  • Sensitivity Ranges
  • Market Analysis


  • Support decision making with independent analysis
  • Determine firm value using a bottom-up approach
  • Benefit from market value sensitivity ranges
  • Streamline negotiating and structuring processes
  • Meet fiduciary, regulatory, or other requirements
  • Realize cost savings and avoid transaction fees

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