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Operational Consulting

Operational Consulting


General Partners early in their firm’s development are continually seeking ways to better understand their track record from the Limited Partner perspective and provide the right level of data and reporting on an ongoing basis.


Operational Consulting is a best-practices solution helping you prepare and present your performance in a manner consistent with Limited Partner expectations. The solution includes detailed historical performance calculations and analysis as well as recommendations for best practices reporting and systems.

Additional fundraising-related services include an assessment of your proposed terms relative to market standard, reviews of marketing documents including DDQ and PPM, and recommendations for information to be provided as part of a data room.


  • Performance
  • Attribution
  • ‘Slice and Dice’
  • Reporting
  • Proposed Terms
  • Marketing Docs
  • Data Room


  • Benefit from an independent “LP perspective”
  • Build a synthetic track record from past deals
  • Complete performance and attribution analysis
  • Receive reporting + systems recommendations
  • Compare proposed terms to market standard
  • Streamline fundraising and anticipate requests
  • Realize cost and time savings

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